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10 scams to watch out for at the airport

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Beware at the airport baggage carousel! Source: Getty

You've just landed at an airport abroad and are ready for the holiday of a lifetime – the last thing you want is to have your bag stolen, your phone hacked or a dodgy taxi driver ripping you off.

Travellers always need to be aware of scammers, but especially it seems when they arrive at an airport, where the potential for dramas and thievery is high. on the gorgeous Spanish island of Majorca has warned holidaymakers about 10 scams targeting tourists – and it's advice that every traveller should heed, no matter what airport you're heading to.

From people stealing your wallet while you're still in security queues to 'false greeters' holding up signs for you just metres away from the person who's actually supposed to be meeting you (and then taking you for an expensive ride to your hotel), here are 10 scams to be aware of that take place in airports worldwide – and how to avoid them:

Avoid These 10 Airport Scams

Have you ever fallen for one of these scams at an airport?

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