It was surprising how quickly I fell under nature’s restorative spell with the meditative routine of ‘just being’.

Of course with the support of Naturhotell’s attentive and nearly invisible staff, I was spared the chores of chopping wood, foraging for food and water-sourcing. It was hardly the pioneer experience. But it was an outdoor experience, and I loved every minute of executing one’s daily routine in a totally different way. 


I also loved getting a good dose of my favorite outdoor activity – hiking.



I explored well-marked trails through beech forests and past lakes and marshes. What I learned, or more precisely was reminded of, is how at one we humans are with nature and how precious that is. All too soon it was time to move on.

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3. The ultimate lunch: tasting menu at Daniel Berlin Krog


There is always a simple beauty and elegance in nature. I contemplated driving to lunch at Daniel Berlin’s unassuming Michelin-starred restaurant in Skåne-Tranås, about an hour away from my glamping site in Höör. 

Known for his care in the preparation of dishes from ingredients locally sourced (he fishes, hunts and grows for the restaurant), Berlin has the rare gift for enhancing nature’s bounty.

I think I was more appreciative of dining there for having spent time in close touch with nature.  


In the twelve-course tasting menu, each course is just a bite or two. This kind of menu requires well-coordinated service – not something that’s easy to pull off gracefully. The staff were flawless and the service was impeccable. 


Here are just some examples of what we enjoyed, with wines from France, Spain, and Italy paired with each course.

  • A  broth of roasted corn was so exquisite I forgot to photograph it. But Imagine a liquefied ear of corn, unadorned, except for the complement of meadowsweet, a common European herb.
  • Rooster skin (if you’re a fan of turkey/chicken 'crackle' this is a treat).


  • Eggs on top of eggs! Roe nestled in quail eggs.


  • A yeast pancake with plum set off the gamey-ness of the wild boar.


Next was a breather from the exotic with a simple homage to Daniel’s early cooking inspiration, Lena Nilsson, a teacher from his high school days. It was a simple four-grain bread served with both goat butter and cow butter. 


There was so much more, all finished with the perfect cup of coffee and dessert.

Afterward, guests were invited to amble around the grounds and explore Skåne-Tranås, a lovely small town with a picture-book churchyard.



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