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5 destinations where you will get more bang for your Aussie buck

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The dollar is weak at the moment and that can have the tendency to scare off would-be travellers. But don’t let a weak conversion rate scare you from that holiday you’ve been looking forward to. There are still many exciting places and countries that you can visit where the Aussie dollar is still in demand, and earns a considerable exchange rate. So if you’re thinking about places to go and visit, then read on. You may just find the ultimate travel destination.

1. Vietnam

Beautiful view of sea gulf surrounded with high mountains and direct rocks

Everyone has heard about the cheap travel destination that is Vietnam. What you probably don’t know is that dollar for dollar, Vietnam offers one of the best exchange rates in the world. As it currently stands, one AUD fetches around 17000 Vietnamese Dong.

If you want to grasp just how cheap this is, a packet of chewing gum costs around 2000 Dong (or ten Australian cents). Think then of how cheap accommodation, alcohol, food and travel is once you get there!

Offering some of the world’s most untouched landscapes, steeped in authentic history and culture and practically untouched by Western society (except in the capital), Vietnam is a must see for travel goers worldwide.

2. Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka offers some of the world’s best beaches. The countries tranquil Buddhist culture makes dealing with the locals a delight, which, unsurprisingly, consistently earns the country the title as having one of the world’s most friendliest populations.

With the AUD earning around 100 Sri Lankan Rupees, you’ll have plenty of cash to see everything that the island nation has to offer. Thanks to a staggered monsoon season, which means one half of the island experiences monsoon season at a different time from the other, it’s a year-round destination.

3. Romania

rasnov medieval castle

While Romania may not be your most sought after travel destination, the countries historical architecture, arts scene, castles and breweries are among the world’s finest.

The AUD currently buys just over three Romanian Leu’s. So as long as you aren’t too frivolous with your spending, you’ll be able to see everything in this scenic country without breaking the bank.

If the cultural scene doesn’t interest you, then consider the affordable skiing resorts that Romania is renown for. At the end of your stay in this country you’re just a short plane trip away from popular destinations such as the UK, France, Italy and Russia.

4. Nepal


If you find yourself heading near this part of the world, then Nepal has to be on your itinerary. Offering pristine landscapes, waterfalls, and a bustling market culture makes this country a vibrant part of the world to experience.

You’ll be getting nearly 80 Nepalese Rupees for every dollar you spend, which will make you a big player at the local street markets dotted around the nation. If you want luxury, adventure or shopping, then the capital city of Kathmandu will see to whatever needs you have.

5. India


You could go on a nice leisurely holiday, sure, but you’ll never have an experience as real or eye opening like you will in India.

From abject poverty to affluent wealth, you will see all walks of life in its beautiful chaos within the bustling streets of New Delhi. Head out of the capital and you will find yourself within some of the world’s most beautiful scenery of exotic jungles and expansive deserts.

You could travel on a tight budget and do some serious back to basics living, but with a conversion rate of one AUD for 40 Indian Rupees, you can live fairly frivolously and spend relatively little. With incredible food and a country rich with culture, history and stunning architecture, make India your next holiday destination.

What are your favourite travel destinations? Where do you go that doesn’t break the bank? Let us know in the comments below.