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5 travel hacks that will make long-distance travel easier

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Taking holidays and exploring the world is (almost) every senior’s dream. However, if you’re travelling by car, long road trips can be exhausting. And if you’re travelling around Australia, road trips are usually pretty long! 

Everyone should know a few tricks to make these long journeys a little easier.

1. Wear comfortable clothes 

You're probably never going to see the cashier at that petrol station in the middle of nowhere again, so forget the 'dress to impress' motto and be comfortable.

2. Fill straws with toiletries 

Want to pack super-light? Save on space and weight by making DIY travel-sized toiletries with drinking straws. Instead of lugging around heavy bottles of sunscreen, moisturiser and other essentials, fill what you need into individual straws. Just pour or squeeze your liquids in (use a funnel or cotton bud if necessary) and use a lighter to seal both ends. Just remember to label them so you know what’s what!

3. Bring electronic games  

If you’re a fan of Solitaire, Poker or Yahtzee, pick up a few old-school handheld electronic games for the journey – or download them on to your smartphone. They'll make the time go by a whole lot faster and keep you entertained. 

4. Pack an Esky 

Packing an Esky with food and drinks is one of the most convenient ways to save time and money. With just a little preparation, you can have an ice-cold beverage or snack within arm’s reach at any time. Say goodbye to wasting time and money buying items from vending machines/petrol stations at hugely inflated prices.  

5. Drink water instead of caffeine

People on long road trips will often drink coffee or soft drinks, thinking they will help them to focus on driving and be more alert. However, drinking water can make you feel more energetic, without the risk of a sudden crash from consuming drinks with a lot of sugar and caffeine. 

No matter how or where you travel, the goal is try to make your journey as comfortable as possible and eliminate the added stress that comes along with it. Taking some of these measures when travelling a long distance can make your trip much more enjoyable.

What's your best tip for a stress-free road trip? Let us know in the comments section below.

What's your best tip for a stress-free road trip?