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6 places in Canada that come alive during the winter

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In some places around the world, winter is something that is dreaded. It’s a season that you brace yourself and wait for it to pass, hoping that warmer temperatures of spring arrive soon. Winter in Canada, on the other hand, isn’t just something that’s tolerated, it is absolutely celebrated. Here are just a few of the places in Canada that come alive during the winter.

1. Quebec Winter Festival

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If you think winter is all about hibernation, think again, because winter is by far the liveliest time of year in Canada and you just have to take a trip to Quebec to see that. Each year the Quebec Winter Carnival brings more than 500,000 people to the city to enjoy the winter chill in a fun and exciting setting. There are ice palaces to marvel at, ice fishing to do, incredible ice sculptures to see and street parades to watch.

2. Whistler

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Whistler is one of the most popular townships in Canada, and it really comes alive during the winter. If you love to ski, then this places is paradise. There’s more than 8,000 acres of ski slopes and more than 200 trains. But when you’re done skiing, there are also shops, bars and restaurants to take your pick from.

Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, is the centre of winter celebrations. There are a variety of festivals and activities including ice carving competitions, deep freeze races, orchestra music and skating activities. If you love winter, this is the place to enjoy it in Canada.

Winter is an exciting time in Banff and Lake Louise, it’s where winter is embraced and actually looked forward to. This is the season that a variety of events and activities are planned including the Ice Magic, Snow Days and Ice Climbing festivals.

5. Saskatchewan

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You might not think that a visit to the beach is a likely winter weather activity, but that is exactly where people head in Saskatchewan. The Denare Beach Winter Festival is an annual event that focuses on bringing the community together during this particularly cold time of the year.

6. Ottawa Rideau Canal

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Ottawa is home to the world’s largest naturally frozen skating rink in the world – the Rideau Canal. It’s even been recognised by the Guinness World Records and been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site. Thousands of people flock to the area each winter to skate on the 7.8km frozen waterway. And, the best news is, it’s free!

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