Eddy: “Fabulous days, darling.” (To Saffy) “Patsy used to go out with Keith Moon, sweetie.”

Patsy: “Yeah, sort of. I mean, I woke up underneath him in a hotel bedroom once.”

Eddy:“Yeah, still … That was going steady for the '60s, believe me.”

Eddy: “Right, time for another little drinky before we go.”

Saffy: “Where are you going?”

Eddy: “New York.”

Saffy: “I didn't think they let people with drug convictions in.”

Edina: “Darling, it's not a conviction.”

Patsy: “Just a firm belief!”

Eddy: “I haven’t got any real hormones left, darling. I’m just held together with gels, pills and suppositories.”

Eddy: “All my clothes have stretch marks, darling.”

Eddy: “In this body there is a thin person dying to get out.”

Gran: “Just the one, dear?”

Patsy: ‘She was so anally retentive she couldn’t sit down for fear of sucking up the furniture.’

Eddy (to Saffy): “Why does everything you wear look like it’s bearing a grudge? You’ve got a wardrobe full of little murderers.”

Eddy (on fitness): “Couple of weeks, I’ll be bendy like Madonna, darling. Then I’ll be able to kiss my own arse from both directions.”

Saffy (about Eddy's clothes she is throwing out): “I could take these down to the charity shop.”
Eddy (spluttering): “You cannot give these sort of clothes to the poor! Darling, I'm sure they've got enough to contend with without the added humiliation of wearing last season's, sweetie!”

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