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A ‘small-town’ safari in Switzerland

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Source: Wendy Toogood
Looking up at the Old Town of Lausanne. Source: Wendy Toogood

On a trip to Europe last year we travelled through Switzerland, France, Spain and Portugal, but decided to avoid big cities as much as possible during the seven weeks we were away.

Geneva, Switzerland was the airport of arrival from Sydney via Dubai, but we jumped straight on a train (the station was in the airport) and took a picturesque trip to Lausanne along the northern shore of Lake Geneva.

Source: Wendy Toogood
Market day in Lausanne’s Old Town. Source: Wendy Toogood
Source: Wendy Toogood
Medieval buildings in Lausanne. Source: Wendy Toogood

Lausanne has a lot to offer, with its medieval old town and markets, and its lively vibe with plenty of traditional and modern Swiss restaurants, cafes and bars. You can walk just about everywhere and don’t have to worry about subways or buses. All you need is the one metro train from the elevated Old Town down to the lake, and you can explore both areas with ease. You can stroll along the lake’s edge with the locals or take a paddleboat in the summer, with the snow-covered alps always in the distance.

Source: Wendy Toogood
Paddleboats lakeside at Ouchy, Lausanne. Source: Wendy Toogood
Source: Wendy Toogood
The port and popular lakeside resort of Ouchy, south of the centre of Lausanne, at the edge of Lake Geneva. Source: Wendy Toogood

It’s also a great base to visit the lovely towns further along the lake on a day trip – you can take a local train on a short hop from one place to the next. The train line runs parallel with the lake, but up behind the vineyards. We went to Vevey (loved by Charlie Chaplin) and walked down through the vineyards to the town and lake, and then took another train on to Montreux (where Freddie Mercury recorded and lived for many years). At the end of the day it was a pleasant trip back to Lausanne.

You can also explore the towns around the lake by ferry, but after four nights in Lausanne it was off to Chamonix by train for us.

Source: Wendy Toogood
Vineyards behind Lake Geneva outside Vevey. Source: Wendy Toogood
Source: Wendy Toogood
The statue of Charlie Chaplin in Vevey. Source: Wendy Toogood
Source: Wendy Toogood
A beautiful view of the lake. Source: Wendy Toogood
Source: Wendy Toogood
A bronze statue of Freddie Mercury has had pride of place on the foreshore of Lake Geneva in Montreux since 1996. Source: Wendy Toogood

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Source: Wendy Toogood
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