Qantas has already begun removing in-flight entertainment devices from their domestic carriers, and airlines American and United Airlines in the United States have jumped on board with the phaseout, too.

While some travellers are concerned about the removal of the in-flight entertainment devices, others find the units redundant.

“There are screens everywhere else in life,” Lindsay Renfro, an associate professor at the Mayo Clinic said.

“I know that when I am flying and I look around me, people are by and large using personal devices, even when a seatback screen is available to them.”

Other frequent flyers aren’t fans of the in-flight entertainment at all.

“What's wrong with a book or crossword or a sleep?” said one traveller, Dawn, on social media.

Australian airlines Qantas and Virgin Airlines both currently offer entertainment services that are accessible by the passenger by downloading an app onto their own device.

Passengers must remember to download the app before take-off as flight mode will have to be enabled while the plane is in the air.

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