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Airport parking: How to find budget-friendly and secure spots for your car

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The easiest way to understand airport parking. Source: Getty.

Airport parking is almost always expensive and stressful, but for some, there is no other option.

While it’s quite daunting scrolling through the hundreds of options with their increasing prices, there is a few ways to make sure you are getting exactly what you want from your car park.

If you are looking for the cheapest option than the simple Park and Ride option is the one for you. It’s located off-site which automatically cuts the price of parking drasticallycompared to parking closer to the airport. 

While they are further away, these parking spots almost always offer a complimentary bus that runs consistently throughout the day. However, if this is your chosen option than it’s advised you check the amount of transit time between the park and the airport. 

Even though most of these parking areas are only located 20 minutes away, others can be a lot further. This has to be taken into consideration to ensure you are still on time for your flight.

Onsite parking, while the most expensive, is generally very secure and extremely convenient. This parking works for those with heavy baggage, small children or walking problems as there is no extra transit time between the park and the airport.

Meet and greet or valet parking is definitely the most stress-free option for airports. It has all of the convenience of being dropped off at the doors without the stress of locating and securing the park yourself. 

With this option you simply hand over your keys to the valet and they take care of the rest. Not only will they park it for you in a secure area but when you return they will be waiting with your car and key at the very point you dropped it off. 

This option is best for those who can’t walk long distances or those who are travelling with massive amounts of luggage. This no-stress choice is exactly like a taxi except you are driving your own car.

Even though these options are all viable, the most important part of booking a car space for long or short periods of time is safety. Thieves can track cars left in open airport carparks knowing their owners will be gone for a while.

The ideal secure parking garage would be indoors with gates, 24/7 guards, security camera and sufficient lighting at all times of the day and night. Well-lit areas tend to deter most thieves but extra gates and surveillance are the biggest help when it comes to security.

A good tip is to self-park so you know exactly where your car is for your return. This also allows you to avoid heading into dangerous parks such as corners where the risk of being hit is slightly higher.

For those extra-early flights some people even prefer to book an airport hotel and stay the night before as some of these deals come with free parking. This means you can avoid fussing over an early wake up as well as save precious dollars on finding somewhere for your car.

While it’s true that the further away from the airport you are the cheaper the parking is, you can’t put a price on the safety of your vehicle. 

Have you ever had to park at an airport? Where do you prefer to park?

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