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Are we making a mountain out of a molehill on this one?

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It might annoy some but is that really a reason to ban reclining seats on planes altogether? In the past week there have been three mid-air incidents involving seats! We have all been on a plane where the person in front leans back, but have learnt to live with it, right?

Reclining back in your plane seat seems like something that is part and parcel of flying, but a man on an American flight last week caused the flight to be diverted due to an argument stemming from a simple recline. James Beach was using a “Knee Defender” which is a device that attaches to a tray table to stop the passenger in front of you from reclining back. In theory it sounds like a good idea but when you consider that reclining back is one of the only reprieves on a packed flight, this could could be quite a selfish mechanism.

Now Australian airlines have been forced to comment after this incident and the two others have caused debate. Some think that those who recline are inconsiderate, whereas those who recline think others should get over it.

Qantas and Virgin have voiced their opinions and both airlines have said that reclining is here to stay as most travellers use and want the ability to lean back and relax.

They also don’t permit the Knee Defenders but they aren’t illegal, either.

Where has our airline etiquette gone? Or just our etiquette for others in general that we would go to these measures? What do you think? Should you be able to recline on a flight?

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