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Australian travellers dubbed the biggest divas in the world

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Australian travellers, we have a diva problem. 

A new survey from HostelWorld has officially named Aussie as the “biggest divas” when it comes to holidaying, with the majority of those surveyed proving we’re anything but the laid back larrikans we believe. 

The survey revealed that Australians have particularly high standards when it comes to hotel stays, and many aren’t willing to accept anything less than perfect. 

Out of the 1,500 responses received, one quarter of Aussies admitted they would refuse to stay in accommodation if they saw evidence of a dirty cup, and 58 per cent would leave if they were given a different room than originally promised.

In addition, the thought of having to share a bathroom with anyone else is evidently most undesirable, with a whopping 72 per cent of Australians requesting a private bathroom for their stay – even at hostels. A further 54 per cent refuse to go on holiday without their big sunglasses. 

While enjoying local food and tasting new delicacies is one of the most exciting things about visiting a new country, it appears many Aussies would rather stick to their plain ol’ regular diet instead. When it came to those who can’t live without their daily smashed avo on toast, 52 per cent said they would actively eat avocadoes on a trip, and 36 per cent would find milk alternatives such as soy, coconut or almond.

But don’t take it personally because you might not be a diva, you could just be travelling with one. Over a third of Australians admitted to having someone in their travel group who is much more high maintenance than everyone else.

Mariah Carey, a self-professed diva herself, is the face of the new HostelWorld campaign that shows how the quality of a hostel is not as bad as you think. Their campaign involved switching out the singer’s luxury $45000 a month holiday mansion for a $55 a night room in Barcelona.

The singer was surprisingly impressed with the room and stated, “To mine and everyone’s surprise, the hostel was fabulous! It was super clean, modern and spacious,” says Carey. “I say give hostels a go, it could be a great choice for all you world travellers out there!”

Hey, if it’s good enough for Mariah, it’s good enough for us. 

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