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Caravanning tales from Bundaberg and beyond

The kangaroos came in for a drink to farewell us from our Bundy sit. 

The night before there was this cane fire right around the corner from where we were staying. I was really exciting to watch these fires as they don’t often burn nowadays. 
I had to pop into Buderim for some tests, so I left Barry sitting in the car with Kali. Was a stinking hot day, and I was worried about them. Need not have worried, as this is what I came back to. Barry had got the chair out of the car, found a nice shady area, and made himself and Kali comfortable. All good with the bone scan. Better condition than when I had one done in 2004, so something to be said for my magic shake recipe.

Our next stop was back to our friend Nancy’s in Coringa. We had a few days to spare, so Nancy took advantage of this, and had a couple of days away. Before we left, Barry put in a back porch/step, with her help, for her. Just had the pavers sitting, so put them to use. By now I would think Nancy has put a few more in, to finish the job. She intended to pick some up each time she had to go in to Bundy. Great job, Barry, with a little interference from our mate Kali.
After this we headed to Ridgewood, which is just out of Cooroy on the Sunshine Coast. It was a steep property that had been set on six levels. We were on the third level, and the first image shows our van looking up from the fifth level going down. Next is the house from our third level. a container house, so a little different. Then we have one looking back up to the first level, on the roadside, showing three of our wards. 

We had two goats, two sheep, a cow and a calf, all abandoned animals that have been taken in. Then I took a shot of the van on the third level, and the last is the view of the house from the fifth level. Got fit going up and down the stairs. 

Kitchen and living was on the third level, with bathroom/toilet/wash house on the fourth level. The animals were locked the animals away each night on the first level, behind electric fences, as they have marauding dogs in the area. Then they let them out each morning.

I fed them stale bread and Weetbix whilst Barry shut the gate each night. It was a one-man job to let them out in the morning, which Barry did whilst I fed the birds. When it came time to leave we needed two 4WD vehicles to drag us up roadside, as we had had a lot of rain. We’re very glad they had a 4WD, or we would have been stuck.

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