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Catcalling to become illegal in France

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Following the release of the world’s most dangerous cities for women list, in which Paris ranked 17th, the government is cracking down on sexism in the country.

According to the French women’s minister, Marléne Schiappa, catcalling — a term used to describe when men whistle, yell or call out at women inappropriately and in a sexual manner — there are plans to introduce legislation to stop the public sexist behaviour.

“It’s completely necessary because at the moment street harassment is not defined in the law,” Schiappa told RTL Radio.

“We know very well at what point we start feeling intimidated, unsafe or harassed in the street.”

Currently there is no fine but the amount will be voted upon next year.

Some of the examples of public catcalling and sexually inappropriate behaviour that Schiappa made included men following women for several blocks, repeatedly asking for a woman’s number and invading personal space.

The recent sexual assault scandal allegedly committed by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has sparked a new debate on sexual harassment in France and around the world.

The situation has led to women sharing their own experiences with sexual assault on social media by using the hashtag #metoo.

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