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Emirates announces plans to build new windowless planes

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Whether you’re someone who prefers sitting in the aisle, window or middle seat, it’s safe to say most travellers enjoy looking out the window as they land in their new destination. However, this might soon become a thing of the past as Emirates Airlines recently announced its plans to build windowless aircrafts.

For many travellers, aircrafts are already fairly constrictive and claustrophobic as is, so removing the only viewing portal to the outside world might not seem like the best idea.

However, according to Forbes, Emirates doesn’t plan to remove the windows completely but rather replace them with look-alike monitors that will project real-time digital footage of the view below.

Rather than simply a sight of clouds and an empty sky, windowless aircrafts will show passengers live footage of the world using fibre-optic cameras that are said to project an image so high quality, it’s clearer than looking with the natural eye.

The advanced camera technology will be used in Emirates’ first class cabins along with floor to ceiling sliding doors for ultimate privacy and a number of other high-tech features.

While the technology required for the fibre-optic cameras is still in the early stages of development, Simon Calder, travel editor for The Independent, tells CBS New York these futuristic aircrafts are likely to become a reality in the next 10 years.

As for how this new feature will benefit travellers, Calder says the aircrafts could lower the cost of flying as they will be lighter, faster and more fuel efficient in the air.

“They’re cheaper to make,” he says. “They are structurally more coherent and they reduce drag.”

Passengers can also look forward to wider seating, more advanced entertainment offers and improved in-flight services if all goes ahead.

However, windows on aeroplanes do actually play an important role for the cabin crew who use them in emergencies to assess situations outside and settle on the safest evacuation plan. So before Emirates can begin any stages of the building process, the aircrafts will still need to pass a number of regulatory tests in order to be deemed safe for passengers. 

The aircrafts are now being tested in select flights, however it will still be a while before everyday travellers can experience the virtual views first-hand.

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