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Everyone farts on a plane and there’s a good reason why

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If you fart on a plane, you're not alone

If you’ve ever been on a plane and felt the sudden need to let one rip, you’re not alone. In fact, almost everyone who travels in the air experiences that same uncomfortable feeling at one point or another.

While being trapped on a plane with a bunch of strangers when you need to fart isn’t ideal, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. That posh lady in the seat behind you is probably feeling the same things you are.

An article published on Bustle suggests that a doctor recently discovered the reason why people tend to feel so gassy and bloated on a plane. Dr. Jacob Roseberg was on a flight in New Zealand when he discovered his water bottle had expanded during his time on the plane, but returned to its normal state when he landed. He concluded that his sudden urge to fluff was similar to the water bottle in the sense that he only felt it when in the air. He believed that just like the water bottle, his own stomach was expanding when he was on a plane and in the air.

The report suggests that the average person can let out a litre of gas a day, but air is forced to expand when the air pressure drops. This means that the gas has to find somewhere to go, often leaving people to feel bloated or with a desire to drop their guts mid-flight.

While you may think you’re being polite by holding in the gas until you’ve landed, Dr. Rosenberg suggested that doing so could cause other problems such as breathing difficulties, so it’s best to let the gas out when you can.

According to Water for Health, there are several things people can do to prevent a build up of gas on a flight. If you’re the kind of person who gets bloated easily, they recommend taking a mild natural laxative around four days before your flight. This will get rid of anything stuck in your stomach which will mean there’s more space for the gas to expand to.

They also suggest eating healthier foods in the lead up to a long flight. Where possible, try to avoid foods packed with preservatives, fats and sugars. This also goes with food you consume in the airport and on the plane.

When on the plane, it’s important to eat, but try eating less and avoid eating quickly. Opt for fresh foods full of water such as fruits and vegetables and try not to avoid using the bathroom on the plane. If you’ve got to go, make sure you do go.

What do you think? Do you have a tip for preventing bloating on a plane?

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