According to the Larapinta Trail website,, created by Explorers Australia, most of the trail isn’t clearly defined.

“Don't expect a well cleared and graded trail because most of the Larapinta Trail is not neatly cleared (of rocks etc) with a well defined path[sic]. Trail definition is pretty good, but its[sic] no footpath.”

While tourists, adventure-seeks and avid hikers may like to go trekking no matter what the weather, there are some key safety issues to consider.

Here are some tips on how to stay safe if you are planning on hiking in hot weather.

1. Check the weather forecast

Check online weather channels and find out what the weather temperatures are expected to be. If it’s going to be too hot to handle, stay home and plan a hike for another day.

2. Take breaks

Hiking isn’t a sprint, but more like a marathon. Instead of racing to the end, take plenty of breaks to catch your breath and enjoy the view.

3. Stay in the shade

Look out for hiking trails that have a lot of forest coverage, this will keep you in the shade and staying cooler for longer. If you know that the hike you’re going to attempt doesn’t have much shade, be sure to pack a hat and light clothing and stop for shaded breaks wherever you can.

4. Wear light colours

Dark colours absorb the sun’s rays, so stick to light colours and loose fitting clothing to help you stay cool.

5. Go early

There’s no point leaving for a hot weather hike in the middle of the day. Try and begin your hike as early as possible, ideally before the sun even comes out.

6. Stay hydrated

This goes without saying, but stay hydrated. That means drinking plenty of water before you even begin your hike, but also packing enough water to get you through.

7. Pack some complex carbs and salty snacks

It always helps to pack some sustenance for the trip, but make sure they’re complex carbs and salty snacks. They’ll make you feel fuller for longer and also balance your electrolytes. Sodium and potassium will also boost your energy levels.

8. Pause at the hottest part of the day

If your hike isn’t over by the middle of the day, it’s time to take a rest. The sun will be at its harshest between midday and 3pm so sit down, have a snack and keep up the hydration until it cools down.

Do you have any other tips for hiking in hot weather? Let us know in the comments section below.