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From ice bars to planetariums: The coolest cruise ship activities

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Remember when the best part of a cruise was the unlimited buffet? Well, those days are long gone and cruise ships have stepped up their game to become one of the most in-demand holidays. 

Many of the most popular liners are effectively floating hotels these days and each compete to deliver the most innovative and entertaining activities for guests, with everything from submarines, ice bars and planetariums making the cut. 

An underwater lounge has been added to the two new ships in the French line, Ponant, Le Laperouse and Le Champlain. The lounge will be fitted with floor-to-ceiling windows facing the open ocean along with speakers that will emulate the natural sounds of the sea. And if that isn’t enough to impress you, the speakers will also vibrate with the rhythm of the ocean to make sure you are completely immersed in the simulation experience.

Norwegian line, Hurtigruten’s newest expedition ship – MS Roald Amundsen is showing off its flashy new technology with a drone that livestreams underwater activity and sends it to screens aboard the ship. The same footage will be used with virtual reality goggles for guests to have an even more authentic experience.

However, if you are more of the DIY kind of traveler than you can bypass the virtual reality and go straight to source. Scenic Cruises’ first luxury expedition ship Scenic Eclipse, comes with its very own submarine. That’s right, guests can board the seven-seat vessel and travel to the ocean floor to witness sea life, such as turtles, stingrays and schools of fish first-hand.

If you like your drinks cool and the bar even cooler, look out for The Norwegian Breakaway ship’s new Ice Bar. Rug up because the bar has stayed true to its Scandinavian origins by keeping the temperature at a chilly -8 degrees. Jackets and jeans are a must as everything down to the seats and walls are made out ice.

Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 now hosts evening viewings at its very own planetarium. The dome will give you a virtual experience of outer space, complete with celestial navigation and explanations. The ship also holds the largest library at sea with a selection of 8000 books and magazines on deck.

With all of these new features it will be hard to resist a cruise for your next trip away!

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