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Holding onto your boarding pass can save you cash

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Boarding passes can do a lot more than grant you access to a flight.

It turns out your boarding passes are worth keeping, as they can save you a lot of hard-earned money.

As an example, Singapore Airlines are known for their generous boarding pass privileges.

The airline’s boarding passes offer exclusive discounts on hotels, car rentals, restaurants, shopping malls and popular tourist attractions including the National Gallery, which you can get up to 25 per cent off.

To get these offers, all you need to do is present your boarding pass at participating outlets within a month of your travel date – it’s that simple.

Meanwhile, Korean Air offers two boarding pass programs. Passengers flying from an overseas region to Korea can access the Excellent Boarding Pass Korea perks for seven days, that also grants you deals on restaurants, transport and local attractions such as the National Theatre of Korea.

The Excellent Boarding Pass Worldwide offers a variety of exclusive offers outside of Korea and is valid for up to 30 days.

Passengers who show an Alaska Airlines boarding pass are eligible for free wine-tastings at more than 300 participating tasting rooms in Oregon, US and more than 200 wineries in Washington.

And if you’re wanting to sneak in a cheap ski trip into your next US visit, travellers who show a boarding pass from Alaska Airlines can also score complimentary entry at 12 different ski locations across the West Coast.

For an example, at Steamboat Ski Resort, passengers can use their ticket for a free night of skiing on the evening of arrival.

Meanwhile in Jordan you can use a Turkish Airlines ticket to get a discount when visiting the famous archaeological site, Petra.

And if you’re visiting Rome on your next Europe trip and love learning about new cities, you might want to travel with local airline Alitalia, which gives access to a Roma Pass – Rome’s tourist and cultural card which grants access to museums across the country.

While not every airline offers these perks, it’s still worth asking an airline when you book a flight if your boarding pass comes with an added bonus.

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