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Travel at 60 Daily Joke: John went on a holiday

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Travel at 60

He asked about his cat.

John went on vacation and asked his friend Tom to watch over his house. About a week later, John called home and asked how his cat was.

Tom hesitated and sadly told John that his cat had died.

"What? You shouldn't have broken the news to me like that," John exclaimed. "The first time I called, you should have told me she was on the roof. The second time you should have said there was no way to get her down. The third time I called, you should have told me that you tried to get her off the roof, but she fell down and died."

Tom apologised and went about his day. About a week later, John called again and asked how his grandma was.

There was a long silence and then Tom replied: "Well, she's on the roof".

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