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How a simple sock could revolutionise how you pack

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There are few things that are as stressful and as time consuming in the lead up to a trip as packing.

Whether you roll your clothes, stuff your undies into your shoes or wrap your sandals in a shower cap, there are many packing tips out there that can help travellers get the most out of their suitcase.

But there is a new way to pack your clothes in your suitcase and it involves a simple sock – it might even revolutionise the way you pack.

The simple method of packing involves laying your t-shirt or blouse flat and then placing your underwear, bra and any other items of clothing you’re likely to pair with that item of clothing, leaving the socks to go last.

Proceed to roll your shirt from top to bottom, allowing the edges of the socks to remain out.

All is left to do is to wrap the edges of your socks around the rolled up blouse or shirt. This is a particularly handy packing tip if you like to separate your clothing into daily outfit piles.

To make things even easier, place any jewellery into the t-shirt, too, so almost your entire outfit is ready to go and separate from anything else in your suitcase.

Here are a few other ways to save space in your suitcase for your next trip:

  • Make a list and check it twice – you might like to keep this list for future trips, too
  • Pack clothes that you can mix and match – that means you can use less clothing while on the road but still look wonderful
  • If you love to travel with books, consider whether an ebook reader might be for you

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