Around 40 per cent of people admit to feeling a bit uneasy when it comes to flying, while 10 per cent of people will actually avoid flights entirely and may need to engage in professional help to get over their fear.

“Tapping reduces arousal in the amygdala,” says EFT expert practitioner and trainer Naomi Janzen who claims to have used tapping to clear her depression in five days.

“[It is] a small, almond-shaped part of the brain that plays a key role in our fight-or-flight response.

“When the amygdala calms, the body stops experiencing a stress response and all its associated symptoms."

Janzen goes on to explain on her website, Oz Freedom Techniques, that EFT has also shown to reduce the stress hormone, cortisol, in saliva up to 24 per cent after just an hour of treatment.

“EFT relieves the emotional intensity associated with anxiety, fears, phobias and is used to 'neutralize' unpleasant or traumatic memories.”