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Four ways to calm a fear of flying

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A fear of flying is not uncommon, especially amongst our generation where many of us didn’t have the opportunities to travel extensively when we were younger. The trouble with this is the fact there’s so much out there for us to see…and to see it, you have to get on a plane.

A fear of flying can be calmed so even if it makes you anxious and nervous, you can still get through a flight no matter how long. Here’s our guide to help you prepare for your next flight and survive the trip without too much stress and anxiety.

1. Familiarise yourself with the type of aircraft you’ll be flying on.

Read up online about what the aircraft is, how many cabin crew and pilots are on board and the many noises aeroplane make. The noises that an aeroplane makes can be scary for people who aren’t accustomed to them or haven’t heard them before. Some great information on the noises can be found on the Low Fares website by clicking here. Another helpful thing is to read up about aviation safety. There’s a great AOL article about exactly what testing an aircraft has to go through before it is given permission to fly and this is very reassuring!

2. Try relaxing yourself before getting on the plane

Try meditating at the airport using a mantra like “I will be safe” while sitting in a quiet space. You could try listening to relaxing music before hand too. Whatever you do to relax, make sure that you do it with positive reinforcements in the form of a mantra or simply positive thoughts.

3. Avoid drugs and instead try herbal remedies to calm you

There is a whole range of things that can have a very calming effect on the body. Lavender oil can be purchased in small jars (perfect for flying) and you can dot a small amount on your temples to relax. Chamomile tea may be allowed on your flight (ask first) so you can enjoy one before your flight or during it. There are also herbal products available like Rescue Remedy that you can purchase to calm you.

4. Choose a seat that suits your fears

The best place to sit in general on an aircraft for non-experienced fliers is the window seat. This way not only can you see out, but you are also sitting directly under the flow of the air conditioner. When feelings of anxiety cause overheating and nausea, sitting here can be particularly beneficial. However, if claustrophobia is a fear, sitting in an exit row is often the best option.

So hopefully, you’ll be able to calm your fear of flying and enjoy the trip of your lifetime!

Tell us, have you curbed a fear of flying? How did you do it?

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