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Mile-high fashion disasters…. Never wear this on a plane

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When it comes to airport fashion people usually stick with the comfiest option in their wardrobe; leggings, stretchy jeans, cardigans – anything that will make the flight a little more bearable.

However, not everyone seems to go by this mantra.

Travellers have snapped their fellow passengers at the airport and on planes wearing some very questionable clothes and the shared the photos with Facebook page Passenger Shaming.

The photos show people wearing everything from bikinis to their underwear – much to the shock of those around them!

While most people take their shoes off on a long-haul flight, taking off your pants is a whole other issue.

One photo shows a man who has stripped down to his bright blue underpants and apparently thinks nothing of taking a stroll around the plane in them.

travel fashion 6

Another shows a young man whose t-shirt resembles two strips of fabric rather than an actual shirt.

travel fashion 1

This woman has the right idea with her comfortable yoga pants, but actually doing yoga in the middle of the airport might be taking it a little too far.

travevl fashion

People were shocked when this woman decided to strut her stuff through the airport in her skin-coloured bikini like it was no big deal.

travel fashion 2

It’s one thing to take a nap while you’re waiting for your flight, but stripping down to your crop top and flinging yourself across your bag is a whole other issue!

travel fashion 3

We’ve heard of hot pants, but these are more like ‘not’ pants.

travel fashion 5

What’s the worst behaviour you’ve ever seen at the airport or on a plane? Do you have a funny travel story to share?