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Outrageous hotel requests of the rich and famous (and bonkers)

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You won't believe some of the requests made to hotel concierges. Source: Getty Images

If you’ve got the cash, concierges at the world’s top hotels have got the contacts, the creativity and the clout to get (most) things done for you. Your wish is their command, and outrageous requests are all in a day’s work.

We’ve scoured the internet to compile a list of OTT requests from the rich, the famous and the downright crazy. As far as we can tell they’re all legit (and were all fulfilled) – here are some of our favourites:

• A private screening of a film on the beach at The Ritz-Carlton Cancún. The only problem? The person making this request this didn’t actually like sand. So they asked for the beach to be carpeted.

• A wedding in the Crystal Ballroom of The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles... between two dogs. The whole thing ‘only’ cost around AU$20,000.

• The breast milk of a businesswoman to be shipped from Boston, where she’d left it, to the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park hotel, where she was staying in London.

• A room service request at 2.30am at the Conrad Cairo in Egypt to feed 30 guests. The order? Forty stuffed pigeons, five whole lambs and five mixed-grilled family platters.

• A party for 150 people after a Justin Bieber concert, complete with bartenders, cocktail servers, armed security, valet parking, and catering. Notice given to The Peninsula Beverly Hills to throw said party? Two hours.

• US$5,000 worth of KFC, requested by a famous pop star (it all had to be original recipe).

• Nine kilograms of ice at the Seaport hotel in Boston (for a guest’s penguins, obviously).

• A request to dine with ghosts (made by guests at The Stanley Hotel in Colorado, which inspired The Shining and is said to be the most haunted hotel in America).

• Life-size statues of a couple who were getting married at The Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. The twist? They had to be made from chocolate.

• Fresh seawater for a guest’s bath at The Ritz in London. The seawater had to come from Brighton, about 90 kilometres away.

• Two lion cubs – for a guest’s daughter, who was celebrating her birthday party at the Hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris.

• One thousand red roses, to be arranged in the guest’s room at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam before his wife arrived. The kicker? The order was placed on the eve of Valentine’s Day, and after closing time for all flower shops.

• Another 1,000 red roses – but this time, they had to be spread along the corridor of the Presidential Suite at the Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan, because the guest staying there preferred walking on rose petals to a bare floor. Hey, who doesn’t?!

• Live tarantulas, for a guest who wanted to take them home to roast – and then eat.

• A full suit of armour, for a guest at The Fairmont Chateau in British Columbia, who was planning to pop the question and wanted to do it in, erm, style.

• A tiger to be shipped from Miami to London – with two days’s notice.

• A haircut, a dinner reservation at Gary Danko (a famous restaurant in San Francisco), a booking for a return flight to Zurich and a Ferrari GTO. This request was made to the concierge at Fairmont San Francisco at around 9.30am one day. Everything had to be sorted by the end of the day (“And I don't want to spend over $5.5 million”).

• A herd of sheep to be brought to a guest’s room at Le Meurice, in Paris. Upon their arrival, he took out a pistol and shot at them (FYI: The guest was Surrealist painter Salvador Dalí and his gun was filled with blanks).

• For staff to capture flies from the Tuileries Gardens in Paris and bring them to the guest’s room. (Yep, that was Dali atLe Meurice again. He apparently paid staff the equivalent of about one euro per fly.)

Meanwhile, back in the real world, we love the funny requests people sometimes make on online check-in forms for things like towel art, pillow forts and photos of celebs such as Nicolas Cage and Jeff Goldblum, strategically placed all over a hotel room. We know of someone who put an Aussie spin on this and asked for a framed photograph of Karl Stefanovic to be waiting for them at their hotel. Their wish was granted!

What's the most OTT thing you've ever asked for at a hotel?

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