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PICTURES: Mind-blowing aerial photos from the 2018 Drone Awards

The winner in the Abstract category: "Weather Snake". Source: Ovi D. Pop/Drone Awards

The winning images in the 2018 Drone Awards were revealed this week, and top honours went to this brilliant photo of a polar bear leaping on ice in the freezing waters off northern Canada, taken by French photographer, Florian Ledoux:

Source: xxxxx
Photo of the Year: "Above the Polar Bear". Source: Florian Ledoux/Drone Awards

"Polar Bears are facing a range of threats that are impacting their future population status," wrote Ledoux. "They are among the first refugees of climate change. The most striking observation during my reportage was the obvious lack of pack ice.

"I aspire to bring a new perspective of capturing wildlife. I believe these images allow us to observe and document their behaviours from a new angle and approach, revealing the animals in their entirety as well as in a wider habitat and landscape. I want my photo to help conservation to create more Marine Conservation Area."

The competition is open to both professionals and amateurs and more than 4,000 submissions were received for this year's awards, across a range of categories including abstract, nature, people, wildlife, sport and urban.

Scroll down to see more of the best images from this amazing competition…

Source: xxxx
Wildlife Winner: "Blacktip Shark". Source: Adam Barker/Drone Awards
Source: xxxxx
Wildlife Runner-up: "Big Shadow". Source: Thomas Vijayan/Drone Awards
Source: xxxxx
Wildlife Runner-up: "Responsible Daddy the Gharial with Babies". Source: Dhritiman Mukherjee/Drone Awards
Source: xxxxx
Wildlife Highly Commended: "Great Immigration Bird's Eye View" Source: Thomas Vijayan/Drone Awards
Source: xxxxx
Wildlife Highly Commended: "Whale Sharks" Source: Bachir Moukarzel/Drone Awards
Source: xxxxx
Wildlife Highly Commended: "Mother and Calf". Source: Anders Carlson/Drone Awards
Sport Winner: Source: Drone Awards
Sport Winner: Source: Drone Awards
Source: xxxxx
Sport Highly Commended: "Vertical Racing". Source: Shoayb Khattab/Drone Awards
Source: xxxxx
Sport Winner: "Skating Shadows". Source: Vincent Riemersma/Drone Awards
Urban Winner:
Urban Winner: "Assisi Over the Clouds". Source: Francesco Cattuto/Drone Awards
Nature Winner: "Mada'in Saleh". Source: Gabriel Scanu/Drone Awards
Nature Runner-up: "Entrance to Hell". Source: Xiaoxiao Liu
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