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Raunchy new adults-only cruise launches with R-rated ‘red room’

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Temptation released digital images of what the ship will look like. Source: Facebook/ Temptations Cruise.

When it comes to a cruise in paradise, it’s fair to say most ships are family-friendly and open to all. But now Temptation Caribbean Cruise line is promising everything from themed parties to fantasy spaces onboard a very raunchy new voyage.

The new cruise ship will set sail in February 2020 and is described as an ‘authentic fanta-sea playground’, People reports. Temptation will give passengers access to a range of different activities, even including a Fifty Shades of Grey inspired red room.

The R-rated “Naughty by Nature Red Room” is offered exclusively to couples and, according to the news outlet, will provide them with the opportunity to attend a number of “stimulating tantric workshops led by top sexologists” during the day before turning into the “ultimate fantasy space for couples looking to expand, experiment and enhance their sexual freedom in a surreal atmosphere” at night.

But singles shouldn’t worry about missing out on all the action as all the pools, sun-decks and even certain events are topless-optional for all passengers.

For AU$3970, passengers can stay in an interior stateroom with an all-inclusive beverage package and three dining facilities for every meal and snack time and over the course of five days travel from Tampa, Florida through to George Town, Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico.

With a cut-off age of 21, there’s no need to worry about any roaming children on board as passengers attend popular events such as the ‘Back to School Sexy Nerds & Mean Girls’ themed party.

However, if the parties or workshops are too much to handle, the 1,074 stateroom luxury liner has a number of other attractions to keep people busy. Passengers can go to the theatre, nightclub, casino, fitness centre, spa, cinema or shops if they run out of things to do. The ship also offers a number of restaurants and bars, a rock climbing wall, whirlpool, solarium, sports court and video arcade.

While this new cruise ship is definitely much sexier than any before it, Temptation is not the first cruise line to delve into the adult-only market. In August last year, Richard Branson’s newest business venture, Virgin Voyages, announced the arrival of The Scarlet Lady in 2020. This adult-only cruise was the first of its kind with an over-18 age restriction. Virgin Voyages said the ship would be “a place where you, your friends or your significant other can have the best possible experience, sans the unpredictability of kids”.

Although Virgin Voyages’ new ship is much tamer than Temptation’s, Rodrigo de la Peña, CEO of Original Group, Temptation’s parent company, says the ship will be an “exclusive nautical experience”.

He adds: “Between the curated events led by our Play Makers and the debut of our new Red Room as the ultimate naughty twist to the cruise itinerary, this will be the most alluring cruise for couples and singles.”

Would you be interested in attending the raunchy cruise? Do you like the idea of adults-only cruise ships?

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