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Real 60-pluses reveal: My top tips for women travelling alone

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Thanks to Pam Hausler, a member of the Travel at 60 Travel Lovers group, for these great tips for women travelling alone:

1. “Think about what you pack – you will be the one carrying it all! I suggest a wardrobe of neutrals, with feature colours in scarves or perhaps a jacket – this will cut down what you take, because everything goes with everything else.”

2. “When eating alone in restaurants, have a book or similar to prevent unwelcome advances from men who think you might need company – unless you do, of course!”

3. “Be confident – it shows if you are nervous, and makes you more vulnerable.”

4. “Learn a few basic words of the local language, it’s polite to try and people will generally respond well to your efforts.”

5. “Particularly when you’re in Europe, make sure people know that you are Australian. I had an experience in Venice where after looking at a menu and deciding it was too expensive for me I started to walk away, when the waiter called to me and said: “This is good price for US$”. I replied that I was Australian and, lo and behold, he produced a different menu from under the counter with much more agreeable prices!”

6. “I still usually travel alone and go somewhere different every year, but nowadays, because I have a medical issue, I no longer hire a car and drive about like I used to. At my destination I explore the local area and then organise day trips to destinations further out, especially if there is no public transport. Public transport shouldn’t be ignored when travelling – you often meet interesting people and they may offer suggestions for places that you weren’t aware of.”

About Pam 

“I travel alone most of the time and pick up local tours along the way as it suits me. I highly recommend travelling this way if you’re a single or a couple.

“I’ve been to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, once to the USA, NZ, Fiji, Vanuatu, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, different parts of France including Paris and Monaco, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bratislava, Germany, Austria, Andorra, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and many parts of Australia. 

“I am 70 and retired. Travel is something I will continue to do while I am still able – yes, I have had to modify my trips now, but I still go!”

This photo of Pam was taken in Norway. “It’s a wonderfully scenic country – like a picture postcard at every turn in the road.” Source: Pam Hausler
This photo of Pam was taken in Norway. “It’s a wonderfully scenic country – like a picture postcard at every turn in the road.” Source: Pam Hausler
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