“The new aircraft will have brand new seats set to a gentle recline to ensure everyone in the cabin enjoys a comfortable journey.

“These changes will also allow us to offer more low fares to customers.”

There has been mixed responses from the public, some commending the airline for calming down the skies.

“I personally hate people reclining their seats on me and dont [sic] see why you would need it on flights 4 hours or less anyway,” commented travel counsellor, Jenny Philp, on social media.

Other travellers, like Sam Barrow said it’s “about time” the changes were made. 

“One time on a flight from Dubai to Sydney the guy in front pushed his seat all the way back whilst I was still eating, I asked him politely if he would mind waiting until after I'd finished, he said NO and that he had paid for his seat and had the right to recline it.

“I said to him... ‘Do you think I won my seat in a raffle? How about a little consideration here.’[sic] Some selfish people really spoil it for everyone else.”

The new seats will be fitted in the airlines new fleet of 35 Airbus A320neos and A321neos, which will be released at the end of 2018.

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