The surprise in store if you buy your book at the airport
By Travel at 60In adviceOn Friday 11th Aug, 2017

The surprise in store if you buy your book at the airport

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Take a walk through the airport and you’re likely to keep yourself busy with the regular stores. You might stop by the food court for a snack or a cup of coffee, a retail store for a spot of window shopping and perhaps the bookshop to flip through the novels you’d like to read.

But instead of popping that memoir or novel back on the shelf because you want to save your pennies, you could actually save money by buying one, at least at an airport in the United States.

You might have noticed that a lot of the book stores throughout the airports in the United States look the same and that’s because they’re all owned by the same company, Paradies Lagardère.

And they have a real treat for bookworms because they have what they call a 'read and return' program, which is exactly what it sounds like: you read it and then return it.

All you have to do is keep your receipt when you purchase a book and then once it’s been read, or within a six-month period, you can return the book and receive half of what you paid back, which you can either spend in store or take with you to spend as you wish.

Of course, the book has to be in relatively good condition, but even if it's a little worse for wear you can still return it, it will just be donated instead of sold.

The great thing about the program is, not only do you receive a discount on your book when you return it, but you can continue a cycle of reading each time you travel, meaning you never have to pay full price for a book again.

So, the next time you walk passed a bookshop at an United States airport, have a browse through the bookshop and know that you can buy a best-selling novel without paying full price.

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