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The ultimate comparison photos between modern and historical London

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These incredible images have given people a chance to look back in time and see just how much London has changed over the years.

A selection of photos dating as far back as the 1800s have been superimposed over the top of modern-day images of the same location – giving people an detailed look at the difference between life then and now.

The pictures were composed by Expedia and used Google Street View to pull it all together.

lnd 1
Bond Street station is seen at right in the vintage snap taken on Oxford Street circa 1961, the oldest photo in the collection.
lnd 4
This photo taken at Hyde Park in the 1920s shows the proliferation of the automobile in the capital, although horses were still used.
lnd 5
Just as fascinating, this composite image shows how little has changed around the Palace of Westminster (date unknown).
lnd 6
The Stockwell War Memorial, a street car and a double-decker bus feature in this photo that was taken sometime in the 1920s.
lnd 11
A photo from 1905 shows a busy scene at Covent Garden, with wagons overloaded with goods and locals wearing their finest clothes.
lnd 12
Oxford Circus, one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world, drew crowds of smartly-dressed locals in 1904.

There are 14 pictures all together, some showing historic Fleet Street filled with horse-drawn carriages and shoppers in top hats and fancy dresses, while others give a peek into Clapham Common and Buckingham Palace.

The vintage photos show cobbled pavement, historic cars and locals hurrying down the busy streets.

The old black and white images are dated between the 1800s and 1915 and sit perfectly over the top of their modern-day counterparts.

lnd 7
A crowd waits outside Westminster Abbey in 1911. At right in the vintage photo, a Royal Mail horse and carriage delivers the post.
lnd 8
Horse-drawn carriages and early versions of the automobile and double-decker buses make their way through a quiet Whitehall in 1910.
lnd 9
There were no crowds at the gates and no pedestrian barriers at Buckingham Palace when this vintage snap was taken in 1908.
lnd 10
With giant electronic signs and flashing lights, tourists are known to linger at Piccadilly Circus. The vintage snap was taken in 1949.
lnd 13
A shot of Fleet Street from 1890 shows horse-drawn carriages travelling along a narrow dirt road, with St Paul’s Cathedral in the distance.

What do you think about these photos? Would you like to see something similar done in Australia?

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