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The ultimate packing guide for your next getaway

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These are some of the easiest ways to be more organised for your next trip. Source: Getty.

Whether you love packing or absolutely hate it, you definitely can’t avoid it. It is one of the most integral parts of a holiday and remembering everything can seem like a tough task.

So here are just a few handy hints on how you can make sure you aren’t over or under-packing for your big trip.

Make sure all your clothes match each other to cut down on what’s inside your suitcase. Avoid packing bright colours or patterns as they are more likely to clash and instead go for neutral blacks, whites and greys. Shades will always co-ordinate so rather than packing a different outfit for each day, you can mix and match a few select items. 

The sarong is definitely the must-have item for any traveller heading to a seaside destination. While its original use is a stylish piece of clothing, it can also be used as a lightweight blanket, a scarf, a picnic rug, wrapping up fragile pieces, hanging it up as a curtain or rolling it up into to make pillow. It might be the most useful item in your entire suitcase that takes up the least amount of room.

Power outlets in hotel rooms are always annoyingly minimal and hard to get to. So if you are travelling with a whole lot of electronics (as most of us are these days) just bring one international adapter and one power board. This way you won’t have to waste time searching under beds and behind cupboards for those poorly placed outlets. 

An e-reader is possibly the best investment you can make as a tourist. Travellers have a lot of downtime whether it’s during their transit or while they are relaxing on the beach. While most people like to use this time to catch up on their reading, books are heavy, expensive and far from compact. So, using an e-reader might just save you a lot of struggle. Not only do you have no limit on how many books you can bring but you can also purchase cheap travel guides to use on the go each time you arrive in a new destination. 

The secret to smart air travel is your carry on luggage. This is the one bag that doesn’t leave your side throughout the entire transit. Too many times we see baggage lost so make sure you pack your valuables where you can always see them as well as a spare set of clothes just in case you get stuck.

Most travellers like to bring back as many exotic items as they can from their holiday, however, it can be hard when you have no room left in your suitcase. So one of the most important things to remember is to pack light. Even if you love packing everything you own, dedicate just one area in your suitcase to being completely empty for your overseas purchases. You can decide how big you want that space to be depending on how much you plan on bringing back.

Roll your clothes rather than folding them to save on space and keep them wrinkle free. You can use this system to organise your clothes into sections such as warm clothes, underwear and sleeping clothes to make sure they are easily found. 

Toiletries are especially dangerous when it comes to packing. There’s nothing worse than getting off a long haul flight only to find your shampoo has exploded all over your clothes. You won't regret taking the time to transfer all of your liquids into travel-safe containers with locks or stops.

Packing can be a painful and tedious job so it is definitely worth it knowing a few quick tips and tricks to make the process a whole lot easier!

Do you love or hate packing? Are you a smart packer or do you just throw everything in?

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