Location: Paris, France
Known for: Being the former home of Coco Chanel (who worked across the street) and the current home of the world’s first Chanel spa. F. Scott Fitzgerald, Marcel Proust, Ernest Hemingway and Oscar Wilde used to hang out here.
Best trivia: The hotel has appeared in three Audrey Hepburn films: Funny FaceLove in the Afternoon, and How to Steal a Million. On a sadder note, Princess Diana ate her last meal here.

7. The Breakers

Location: Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Known for: Its beachfront location (and just under a kilometre of private beach), exclusive golf course and breakfasts in The Circle, with nine-metre-high frescoed ceilings.
Best trivia: In a super-rare feat, it's still owned and operated by descendants of Henry Flagler, who built the resort back in 1896.

6. The Plaza Hotel

Location: New York City, New York, USA
Known for: Its location at the south-east corner of Central Park and Fifth Avenue, and being the home of beloved children's literary figure, Eloise.
Best trivia: Katie (Barbara Streisand) meets Hubbell (Robert Redford) here by chance in a famous scene in 1973’s The Way We Were… a scene honoured by Carrie (Sarah-Jessica Parker) and Mr Big (Chris Noth) in an episode of Sex and the City.

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5. Wynn Las Vegas

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Known for: A 1918 wood-and-glass chandelier designed by architect Gustav Eiffel and waiving the rumoured $53,000 bill run up by Prince Harry and his cohorts one crazy time back in 2012.
Best trivia: This is the place where you can buy a cocktail for US$10,000 (AU$12,700). The ‘Ono’ is sold at XS (the nightclub at Encore, Wynn’s sister hotel, right next door). It’s made using Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl cognac and Charles Heidsieck 1981 Champagne Charlie, and comes with a Tahitian black-pearl pendant for her and Mont Blanc cufflinks for him.  

4. Grand Floridian, Disney World

Location: Bay Lake, Florida, USA
Known for: Its location, on the doorstep of Disney’s Magic Kingdom park (there's even a view of Cinderella Castle), and seven and 10-course menus at the Victoria & Albert restaurant (and the fact that the hotel's lagoon is where a young boy was taken by an alligator in 2016).
Best trivia: The video for the Beach Boys hit, 'Kokomo', was filmed here.

3. The Ritz London

Location: London, England
Known for: Its old-school style and traditions, and for serving probably the most famous afternoon tea in the world.
Best trivia: The scenes in Notting Hill when Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) is having a press conference and William Thacker (Hugh Grant) pretends to work for Horse and Hound magazine, were shot at The Ritz.

2. Caesars Palace

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Known for: Its enormous size, world-famous Colosseum concert hall and over-the-top, Greco-Roman-inspired kitschy glam. 
Best trivia: Superstitious gamblers often seek out the ‘lucky’ rubbing spots on four statues – including the big toe on David and, ahem, Cleopatra’s breasts on Cleopatra’s Barge!

1. The Bellagio

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Known for: The Picasso restaurant (which features a wall full of the artist's original paintings) and its dancing fountains – possibly the most famous landmark on The Strip.
Best trivia: You can take control of the fountains for the night – just buy the $250,000 package from the hotel’s nightclub and the largest bottle of Champagne in the world (a 30-litre Ace of Spades – filled with the equivalent of 40 standard bottles) will be delivered to your VIP table, accompanied by its own security team. You'll also be given an oversized red button in a gold-plated box. Press it, and the water will dance to music  chosen by you earlier.

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