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Travel at 60 Daily Joke: Two tourists stumbled across a well

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They told the farmer what they'd seen.

A pair of tourists were trekking across some fields when they discovered an abandoned well near an old farm house.

They were curious to see how deep it was so they picked up a pebble and threw it into the well, but they never heard it hit the bottom. So they searched for a larger rock and dropped that it into the well too but, once again, heard absolutely nothing.

They decided they would have to find something much larger and, after a struggle, they managed to drag a large railroad sleeper to the edge of the well and drop it over.

After a few seconds a goat flew across the yard and, without any hesitation, dived head first into the open hole. The two tourists stood frozen in shock.

Just then a farmer appeared and told them he is looking for a missing goat. The tourists looked at each other nervously before telling him about the goat they just saw jump down the well.

"Oh no, that couldn't possibly be my goat", the farmer replied, "My goat was grazing in the field tied to a big hunk of metal!"

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