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Tourists get a soaking when whale puts on a spectacular show

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A whale-watching experience off the coast of Port Macquarie blows others out of the water. Source: Getty

Fancy a spot of whale-watching this winter? Looks like Port Macquarie might be the place to go, when you see this incredible video released over the weekend.

In it, a boatload of tourists hits the whale-watching jackpot when an adolescent whale appears out of nowhere, launches its entire body out of the water and then crashes back in to the ocean.

Passengers in the boat were completely drenched following the amazing display – not that any of them minded!

“It was so exciting, it was awesome,” said Anne Collins, speaking to 7 News.

“It was the experience of our lifetime,” said Bernard Boyle.

The fantastic sight was captured on a Port Jet Cruise Adventures whale-watching tour off the coast of Port Macquarie.

As one woman rightly commented on the company's Facebook page: “Wouldn’t need any binoculars for this one”.

Another man echoed Chief Brody (played by Roy Scheider) in Jaws, when he wrote: 'Think we need a bigger boat!'

Australia's whale-watching season runs from June to November each year, when humpback and southern right whales migrate north to warmer waters each year. So now's the time to get out on to the water – just have your cameras and wet-weather gear handy!

Have you ever had a brilliant experience on a whale-watching trip?

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