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On Monday 9th Jul, 2018

Travel at 60 Daily Joke: An elderly woman visits Texas

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Travel at 60

An elderly woman takes a short holiday in Texas.

A little old lady from a small town in America went for a holiday to Texas. She was amazed at the size of her hotel and her suite.

She went into a huge cafe and said to the waitress who took her order for a cup of coffee, how she was blown away by the size of everything. "Everything's big in Texas," replied the waitress.

Her coffee then came out in the biggest cup the old lady had ever seen. "I told you, everything is big in Texas," the waitress said again.

On her way back to her suite, the old lady got lost in the vast corridors. She opened the door of a darkened room and fell into an enormous swimming pool. "Please," she screamed. "Don't flush it!".

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Travel at 60
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