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Pack your winter woolies! UK hit by unusually cold snap

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Snow has been affecting many parts of the UK throughout the week. Source: Getty

If you’re heading to the UK for spring break, you may be in for a snowy surprise as the UK has been hit with unusually heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures.

Heavy snow has affected many parts of the UK throughout the week, forcing schools to close and leaving the country’s transport services facing severe delays.

On Thursday, the UK’s official weather forecaster, the Met Office, put out a yellow weather alert. At the time, temperatures reportedly plunged to as low as -2.9 degrees celsius in Suffolk.

London was also hit by an unusually cold snap this week, with many shocked Londoners taking to social media to share their annoyance.

“Two flakes of snow on my jacket. In London. In April. They’ll make films about this,” one Twitter user wrote.

The Met Office later tweeted: “#Snow in #London? It is too warm today, with temperatures as high as 10C in the city. However, there have been reports of soft #Hail known as graupel which can look like snow.”

However, according to the latest five-day forecast from Met Office the weather will gradually warm up across the country this weekend.

“Dry and bright for most, but further rain possible across western parts and the far northeast of Scotland. In the sunshine, it will feel a little warmer for many,” Met Office said in a statement on its website.

Travellers going to the UK or travelling within the UK should keep in close contact with their travel agency or airline to keep track of changes.

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