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Using Wi-Fi on a cruise costs family more than $19,000

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A German family was hit with a massive Wi-Fi bill shortly after they returned home from a cruise to Norway.

The reason? According to The Local, their 12-year-old son had “used his phone to unwind and watch a few videos while at sea between Germany’s northern city of Kiel and Oslo”.

The problem? He logged on to the cruise ship’s own phone network, which is only meant to be used by the crew in order to communicate with other vessels – and as it connects to the internet via satellite, high roaming charges apply.

The bill? In total he consumed just under 500 megabytes of data, racking up a mind-blowing bill of €12,500 (AU$19,600).

Despite the phone network agreeing to reduce the bill to €5,000 (AU$7,800) as a goodwill gesture, the family has engaged a lawyer to fight the charges, which they consider to be “immoral.”

Who do you think should pay for this? Have you ever been stung with a big bill for using the internet on a holiday?

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