In News on Thursday 10th May, 2018

This video of a near-vertical take-off in an Airbus A350 is not for the faint of heart!

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The nose of an Airbus A350. Source: Getty

If the memory of landing at Hong Kong's Kai Tak International Airport still makes you shudder – even now, 20 years after it closed – then perhaps don't watch this footage of an Airbus A350 making an extraordinarily steep take-off.

In fact, steep is probably not the right word – this take-off is almost vertical.

Check out the video from the Cargospotter Youtube channel. The exciting stuff starts around the one-minute mark – don't say we didn't warn you!

Captured at the Innovation and Leadership in Aerospace (ILA) convention in Berlin in April, the plane performing this crazy stunt was Airbus's second-ever A350-900XWB.

According to The Points Guy, "Airbus has currently built or started production on at least 237 Airbus A350s, but the second one ever built is still turning heads." It is "currently employed by the aircraft manufacturer for airshows, relief flights and testing cabin innovations".

However if – like us – you assumed that this aircraft has been specially modified to undertake such amazing aerobatics, think again. The Points Guy, who got to tour the plane, confirms that not only is it fitted with the same Rolls-Royce engines you'd find on all other Airbus A350s, but it also has the same glass cockpit and the cabins are nearly full with seats.

It's just some pretty impressive flying on display!

Would you have the guts to experience a take-off like this? Or would you lose yours?!