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WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel asked Americans on the street to name any country on a map of the world. It did not go well

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A recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! has got the world shaking its head.

Introducing the mind-blowing segment – which involved a camera crew hitting the streets of Los Angeles armed with a world map – Kimmel said: “The president is overseas. He’s visiting Belgium, England, Scotland and then his pal Putin in Finland. It’s a big trip with many important ramifications. It’s imperative that America has strong relationships with – and knowledge about – people in other lands. And that responsibility extends to all of us, not just the president. So we came up with a test…”

That test was a simple: passers-by were given a pointer and asked to name and identify any country on the map. Yep, ANY country. 

The results were embarrassing to say the least. With 193 countries to choose from, you’d think most people would be able to point out a few places – or, at the very least, be able to identify their own country. Wrong…

One guy thought that Alaska was Greenland. One woman pointed to Australia and then Africa when trying to identify Europe. A number of people had to be reminded that Africa is a continent, not a country – and when one woman was asked if she could name a single country in Africa, she replied: “God, no. Who knows stuff like that?”

Thankfully there was was shining beacon of hope among the wreckage. A young boy schooled the adults by quickly and correctly identifying a bunch of countries in South America, plus Mexico, the United States, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand and Papa New Guinea – and we’re pretty sure he could have kept going.

“Well, if you didn’t believe that children are our future before, now you do,” said Kimmel.

Watch the hilarious/tragic video here:

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