What to do with your leftover foreign change
By Travel at 60In adviceOn Wednesday 11th Oct, 2017

What to do with your leftover foreign change

We’ve all probably got that jar or purse at home that’s full of coins we’ve brought back from our trips abroad. Often it’s not possible to have your coins in foreign currency converted, so we’re left with a pocket full of change we may never use again.

Sure, it can make a nice memento if you collect it from all of your travels, but do you really need 10 of the same coin? And are you really ever going to look through it again?

Instead of a jar full of foreign coins gathering dust in a jar on your shelf or at the bottom of a drawer, why not in the days leading up to your departure from your holiday country, give it to someone who could really use it? Be mindful that you have to get rid of all of these coins and give them away to people you see who are homeless, or give it as extra tips to the local artisans, market stall holders and so on you are purchasing something from. Even if it’s a tiny amount, you could make someone’s day.

If you’ve already left and you’ve still got a jingling pocket, some airlines offer a service where you can donate in-flight in both your country of departure’s currency and country of arrival’s currency. Usually cabin crew will come around for collection, or there may be something in your seat pocket. Alternatively, some airports have charity boxes that will accept different currencies.  

Karma will surely reward you for your good deed.

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What do you do with your foreign change?
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