With the arrival of rain comes rejuvenation for the lush rainforests, which come to life with a distinctive shade of green that can’t be witnessed anywhere else in the world. This is also when wildlife is particularly active, so you might just be lucky enough to spot the likes of local kangaroos and cassowaries in the wild while you're here.

Apart from the increase in wildlife, there’s also the advantage of having your pick of the bunch when it comes to accommodation, even up until the last minute. While you may have to plan your summer holiday months in advance if you’re visiting the likes of Melbourne, Sydney or the Gold Coast, in Tropical North Queensland you can pick and choose without having to worry about availability or increased pricing. You might even find yourself a bargain!

While you might be happy to sit in the comforts of your rainforest villa with the air-conditioning on, watching the native birds flutter by, you’ll be happy to know that even though this is the wet season, tours are still in operation, restaurants are still in service and boats still transport eager travellers out to the reefs and islands.

So, the next time you’re worried you’ve left your holiday planning right up until the last minute, think about whether a rainforest vacation in Tropical North Queensland would suit a family holiday.