Just cruising through this land of floating ice towers never ceases to amaze, but incredible shore excursions and activities are also posslbe – from kayaking in the icy waters and visiting research stations to learn more about this fascinating continent, to hiking and even climbing Antarctic peaks. You’ll also encounter some of the world’s most extraordinary species, from the emperor penguins on Snow Hill Island to Weddell seals, albatrosses and petrels.

If you’re lucky you’ll also see enormous whales – humpbacks, sperm whales and orcas – which migrate from afar. March, at the very end of the season, is a prime month for whale sightings.

Another reason why holding out until the end of the tourist season can be a good idea is that you can sometimes get a good price on a cruise (although they’re never cheap) and even a last-minute deal from some places.

Every month from November to March has its own individual charms, offering different but equally enthralling sights to see. So if you'd rather give the whales a miss and see new penguin hatchlings and seal pups instead, better wait until the new season, which commences in November!

But whenever you take a trip to the edge of the planet, it’s sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will never be forgotten.

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