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Why you should take photos of your home before a trip away

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There’s absolutely nothing worse that driving to the airport, getting halfway there and worrying about whether or not you've turned off the stove, the hair straightener, the iron and the air-conditioner.

Just the thought of it can leave you with a feeling of dread and anxiety in the pit of your stomach. But — thank goodness — there is a way to alleviate your worries and calm your fears before you jump in the car, taxi or Uber, and head on your trip of a lifetime.

Grab your smartphone, camera, tablet, or any other camera device and take photos of each and every one of your unplugged appliances that you’re worried about leaving on.

Heaven knows that our memory just isn't what it used to be, and often isn't reliable enough to remember which items we turned off and put away and the ones that we left plugged in because we were in such a hurry.

Instead of finding yourself worried sick while on holiday, take this simple step before you leave.

That way you’ll feel relaxed knowing that you’ve got photographic evidence that all the appliances have been switched off.

A few other must-dos before leaving the house for a big holiday include: 

  • If you're planning to be away for a substantial time, arrange for someone to come around and pick up your mail so it looks like someone is home. 
  • It might be difficult, but refrain from posting on social media about your trip until you come back. If people find out that you won't be home for a while, it could open you up to a break in while you're not there. 
  • Take photos of your passport, flights and any other important documentation you'll need during your trip. 
  • Remove any hidden keys you might have around the garden, just to be safe.

Will you be giving this tip a go before your next holiday? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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