Despite Antarctica’s treacherous conditions, whales, seals, albatross, emperor penguin colonies and so many more animals thrive here. It’s a truly unique place and somewhere many people only dream of visiting.

Due to Antarctica’s remote location and lack of infrastructure, the most practical way to see it is on a cruise, which is ideal because after spending time in the cold, you can retreat to heated cabins for a warm shower.

The people who live here – mostly scientists, researchers and communications professionals – could certainly attest that it’s an astounding place, and there are some classic Antarctica activities to tick off your bucket list.

One, of course, is wildlife spotting and admiring the daily routines of the animals that live on the icy landscape. Kayaking through the icebergs is a popular activity, as is camping on shore overnight, listening to the creaking of glaciers and the cacophony of wildlife surrounding you.

One of the few shops to visit in Antarctica is the post office at Port Lockroy where you can send a postcard to your loved ones, but you can expect it to take a few months to finally reach its destination.

Zodiac boat tours are hugely popular as their design is ideal for zipping around between ice shelfs. They allow you to go further than ordinary boats would – you might even be able to get up close to seals lazing around on the ice and see historic ice huts dot the landscape.

Many people who've passed through the Lemaire Channel say it is the most beautiful site in Antarctica. It passes between the Kiev Peninsula and Booth Island and the snowy peaks are positively breath-taking reflected in the icy water.

Don’t forget to pack your thermals for a trip to this icy continent – temperatures in the summer often don’t climb higher than zero degrees.

Many cruises to Antarctica depart from South Georgia in the US and pass through the Falkland Islands, South Orkney Islands and regions of South America, so if you’re going on this journey, why not make the most of it?

If Antarctica were music it would be Mozart.
Andrew Denton
When to Visit
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Most Antarctica holidays are offered during the summer months from November to March. In November, the temperatures are colder and the polar ice is still breaking up, which makes it harder to access in some places. But, the benefit is that the cold temperatures offer impressive icescapes and... view

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A trip to Antarctica isn’t the cheapest holiday you’ll take because it is a long voyage, but, there won’t be any hidden extras in your holiday cost. Tours to Antarctica are usually all-inclusive cruise deals that include the cruise, accommodation, meals and tours. You won’t be tempted to splurge... view